Agile Gothenburg is a nonprofit organization that provides a community for those who are interested, practicing, or passionate about Agile behaviors, concepts, frameworks, and techniques in Sweden, the Nordics, as well as globally.

The organization educates and advises on Agile mindset and practices (in leadership, human resources, project, program, portfolio, product, delivery, and service management) through the sharing of knowledge, experience, and lessons learned.

Agile Gothenburg has and continues to partner with companies and associations that promote agility around the globe.

The main activities of Agile Gothenburg are:

  • Hosting events (meetups, featured talks, workshops, and conferences) on Agile-related topics.

  • Creating and sharing experience reports that summarize the practical experience of applying an Agile practice in an industrial setting.

  • Educating Nordic businesses on the training programs and services offered by Agile Gothenburg partners and facilitating their onboarding.

No previous experience in Agile is required, and Agile Gothenburg events are free and open to all participants!

Specialties: Agile, Management, Leadership, Coaching, Human Resources, Project Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management, Product Management, Delivery Management, Service Management, Scrum, Kanban, XP, Scrumban, ScrumXP, DevOps, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, Nexus, DAD, SAFe