What's all the fuss about Management 3.0 and Agile team practices

Talk Title: What's all the fuss about Management 3.0 and Agile team practices

Date: October 2, 2018

Location: Virtual

Speaker: Line Mørkbak

Talk Summary
Line Mørkbak gives a taster of some of the engaging team tools in the Management 3.0 content, and moderates an interactive conversation on why and how we can support more autonomous structures and behaviors on our teams.

The interactive session is based on the theoretical framework from the book Management 3.0 as well as Snowden’s Cynefin framework. The theory is mixed with the highly valuable games and tools from the 2014 publication Managing for Happiness. Certain case studies are discussed to show how Management 3.0 looks when implemented across an organization.

Join the webinar if you are a curious team member, team leader, scrum master, change agent, a passionate influencer, coach, agile developer, manager or HR leader in your organization.

Speaker Bio
Line Mørkbak lives, breathes, thrives, and advances management and team approaches that empower collaboration. To create that ideal professional environment, Line helps clients reevaluate what drives their team and apply the practical steps to leverage cultural differences and positive group dynamics.

Line holds a Master's in Modern Culture and Cultural Communications from the University of Copenhagen. She has also received extensive professional development, such as Coaching of Global Executives by George Renwick, Global Leadership workshop by Karen Cvitkovich and Dr. Ernest Gundling at Aperian Global as well as certifications in Management 3.0 and virtual team facilitation through Collaboration Superpowers.

Line has lived and worked around the world, including Denmark, Greenland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Scotland, and the United States. Throughout her career, she has facilitated interactive programs for various organizations, such as Novo Nordisk, Vestas Wind Systems, John Deere, Lego, Intel, Siemens Wind Power, and USDA.

Currently, Line works and lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family. She often travels internationally to work with clients.

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