Rationalizing Ten Cases of an Agile Retrospective

Meetup Title: Rationalizing Ten Cases of an Agile Retrospective

Date: October 21, 2020, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm CEST

Location: Zoom

Price: Free

Organizers: Agile Gothenburg

Speaker: Harris Christopoulos

Facilitators: Sari Linder, Marina Bykova, Eddy Iciragiye, and Ana Shontova

Meetup Overview and Benefits
There is a wide palette of different canvases and activities that a Scrum Master or Agile Coach can use to run a “successful” retrospective. But what are the strategy and the thinking process behind the selection of the most appropriate in each case? We often find ourselves blindly following guidelines and best practices of a framework, without reflecting on the values that gave rise to the tools that we use to achieve team coherence and improvement.

The meetup will start with a talk that explores the reasoning, motives, and purpose behind the selection of a retrospective format by validating team data, metrics, and psychological state. The discussion builds on real-life cases from the speaker’s experience.

Following the talk, the participants will be invited to a group activity during which they will design a retrospective for different cases from the enterprise and discuss and rationalize their designs. 

5:00 PM Welcome and icebreaker
5:10 PM Talk; Rationalizing Ten Cases of an Agile Retrospective
6:00 PM Questions and discussion
6:10 PM Break
6:20 PM Group activity
6:50 PM Questions and discussion
7:00 PM Close

Speaker Bio
Harris Christopoulos is an Agile aficionado, detail-driven, and results-oriented. He has a strong passion for business agility, coaching teams, and fostering an environment of psychological safety and continuous improvement where people can motivate themselves to produce the highest business value.

Harris’ work experience lies in software quality assurance and Agile methodologies in the IT industry. After having worked several years as a QA Engineer and agile team member in various tech companies around Europe, he devoted himself to promoting agile mindset and mentoring teams and individuals as an Agile Coach. His latest interest/challenge is (de)scaling Agile in fast-growing organizations.

Over the last months, he made a shift from coaching software development teams to coaching marketing teams, a transition that gave him a whole new perspective on the agile coaching craft.

Harris’ interests include agile & innovation games, psychology, team dynamics, leadership, systems coaching, behavioral economics, cultural transformation as well as technology, sound and music production, and various types of sports and activities.

Intended Audience
Agile coaches, Scrum masters, release train engineers, solution train engineers, change leaders, team managers, product engineers.

This is not a webinar! This is a virtual meetup on Zoom. You will be engaging in a live conversation with people. You can start your camera, speak, and chat with others throughout the meeting. Please help yourself and others by ensuring that you:

Continuing Education
This meetup is held by a Scrum Alliance user group. Participating in the meetup or watching its video recording enables you to claim one Scrum Educational Unit (SEU) per hour of participation or watching.


Rationalizing Ten Cases of an Agile Retrospective.pdf
Retrospective Case Studies.xlsx
What’s your main role in your team-organization.xlsx
Which are the reasons for you to run a (specific) retrospective.xlsx
Which of the 10 cases comes first to your mind.xlsx
Which of the above cases resonates the most with you.xlsx