Exploring DevOps Principles through a Game

Meetup Title: Exploring DevOps Principles through a Game

Date: October 30, 2019, 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm CET

Location: Eficode Praqma, C/O Software Skills, Stora Nygatan 13, Gothenburg

Price: Free

Organizers: Agile Gothenburg and Göteborg Continuous Delivery Meetup

Hosts: Eficode Praqma 

Sponsors: Eficode Praqma 

Speaker: Sari Haj Hussein

Facilitators: Emily Bache and Samuel Ytterbrink

Meetup Overview and Benefits
The meetup will start with a talk on what DevOps is, its business value according to the latest research, and its high-level principles. Then the concept of batch size will be introduced through a practical example. DevOps recommendation on reducing batch size will be analyzed afterwards.

Following the talk, the participants will be invited to play a game through which they get to explore the advantages of small batch size and the risks associated with large batch size.

5:30 PM Mingle and sandwiches
6:00 PM Welcome and introduction (Emily and Samuel)
6:15 PM Talk; DevOps and its Principles (Sari)
6:45 PM Break
7:00 PM DevOps game
8:00 PM Mingle and discussion
8:30 PM Close

Intended Audience
Agile/DevOps change agents, transformation managers, trainers and coaches, delivery and release managers, management consultants, continuous integration/delivery/deployment engineers.


Exploring DevOps Principles through a Game.pdf