Welcome Linda to Agile Gothenburg

Linda Schmidt is joining Agile Gothenburg Board as a board secretary.

Linda is a driven person who is passionate about Agile project management, talent acquisition, servant leadership, and inclusion and diversity.

She has a long experience working for non-profit organizations such as working with integration projects since 2015 for Kompisbyrån and has been driving several professional networks for female engineers and tech at her previous employer.

She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Gothenburg with a focus on organization and management for the public sector and two Bachelor’s degrees from the same university. She has since worked as a manager in software engineering, driving talent acquisition efforts and agile project management in data strategy and intelligence.

With Agile Gothenburg Board, Linda will donate time to providing direction for the organization and steering it towards a sustainable future.

A warm welcome to Linda 😊.

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