Takeaways From Andrea Darabos Talk At The Agile People Sweden Conference 2018

Some takeaways from Andrea Darabos talk at the Agile People Sweden Conference 2018.

  • How often do we tell our people when they come out with crazy ideas that they can do it?
  • How often do we tell them they can’t by enumerating weaknesses, gaps, and lack of competence?!

  • Use your whole body to sense what you care about, and maintain the curiosity and wonder you had as a child

  • 4D Lean depicts the evolution of lean. It started with a focus on the status quo, moved to attention to short-term vision and then to long-term one, and last to connecting with people passion and heart (in modern lean)
  • The Harada method encourages people to dream big and connect with their goals. It analyzes their strengths, offers them daily tasks that they can implement, and sees if that can turn that into daily habits

  • Goals and commitments set by yourself are so powerful
  • Self-reliance is the belief that everything you need is within yourself
  • Good character is not something you’re born with; it’s formed by helping others

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