The Kanban Method Firsthand

Meetup Title: The Kanban Method Firsthand

Date: April 28, 2021, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm CEST

Location: Zoom

Price: Free

Organizers: Agile Gothenburg

Speaker: Annette Vendelbo

Facilitators: Sari Linder, Marina Bykova, Eddy Iciragiye, Ana Shontova, and Marco Vavassori

Meetup Overview and Benefits
The purpose of the meetup is to give the participants an idea about how sophisticated the Kanban method actually is and to debunk some of the biggest myths about Kanban. The participants will collect concrete ideas about how to improve agile efficiency by incorporating some of Kanban’s practices in whatever method or framework they are working with.

In a two-part presentation, the speaker will highlight the differences between Kanban and the commonly used Scrum and SAFe. She will go through the change management principles, service delivery principles, and the values and general practices of the Kanban method.

She will draw an example of the upstream/downstream way of working with options and committed work and present classes of service in relation to cost-of-delay functions. And she will briefly go through the communication model to demonstrate how Kanban scales out across the organization.

The STATIK approach for designing a Kanban system will be presented. It will form the foundation of the group activity in the breakouts.

5:00 PM Welcome and networking
5:05 PM Presentation part 1 and introduction to breakout activity 1
5:40 PM Breakout activity 1: Understand the sources of dissatisfaction
6:00 PM Debrief in the main session
6:10 PM Break
6:20 PM Presentation part 2 and introduction to breakout activity 2
6:50 PM Breakout activity 2: Analyze demand and capability (what is the team doing, how many are they, and how does that affect the Kanban board). What classes of service might be relevant? If possible, suggest a design of a Kanban board.
7:10 PM Debrief in the main session
7:25 PM Close

Speaker Bio
Annette Vendelbo has +30 years’ experience with IT project management/line management. Before she founded her own company, Xvoto, in 2008 she worked in large global companies such as Digital, HP, and Avanade. From the day she started Xvoto, her focus has been solely on agile methods and frameworks.

Annette works as an agile consultant, coach, and trainer. She helps organizations with planning and executing agile transformations with respect to their particular culture, context, and agile readiness. In other words, she helps them plan for agile success.

She also helps her clients with scaling agile to the program level with e.g., SAFe and Kanban, and she is also an extremely experienced Kanban and Scrum coach and trainer that works with agile teams to increase their agility and efficiency.

She has been volunteering for the PMI in connection with their agile initiatives since 2014, e.g., as a part of their global agile task force and reviewer of the “PMI Agile Practice Guide”. She is also volunteering for the Kanban University.

Her theoretical foundation and knowledge of Scrum and Kanban are widely acknowledged, but she firmly believes that theory cannot stand alone. The real value is created only when you succeed in relating the theory to the practical reality of the organizations that want to transform and make it operational and actionable.

When she is not busy with client work, she is blogging, writing articles, or giving public speeches and interviews—always about agile systems and how to make them work in real life. Her mantra is: “Reality always wins!”.

Intended Audience
Agile coaches, Scrum masters, release train engineers, solution train engineers, change leaders, team managers, product engineers.

This is not a webinar! This is a virtual meetup on Zoom. You will be engaging in a live conversation with people. You can start your camera, speak, and chat with others throughout the meeting. Please help yourself and others by ensuring that you:

Continuing Education
This meetup is held by a Scrum Alliance user group. Participating in the meetup or watching its video recording enables you to claim one Scrum Educational Unit (SEU) per hour of participation or watching.


The Kanban Method Firsthand.pdf
The Kanban Method Firsthand Breakout Activity 1
The Kanban Method Firsthand Breakout Activity 2