Takeaways from Frida Mangen talk at the Agile People Sweden Conference 2018

Some takeaways from Frida Mangen talk at the Agile People Sweden Conference 2018.

  • People are five times more sensitive to threats than rewards
  • No one would like to be perceived as incompetent!
  • By way of conformity to social norms, we adapt to fit in with a group. By way of that, we sacrifice our liberty, and we become less capable of observing novel patterns

  • Safety junkies emerge due to an obsession with safety in families, societies, and organizations (think helicopter parents, community, or corporation!)
  • The result is too much advice on how to look after children, citizen-welfare mania, and piles of policies and processes at various organizations

  • Negative implications of strong risk aversion in Sweden: an increase in anxiety, academic fear of starting businesses, and unmotivated working expats
  • Stop treating people as children, and allow them to claim responsibilities and make mistakes

  • The 70:20:10 model for learning and development tells that experience and mistakes is the source of 70% of people learning
  • Organizations, therefore, need to establish grounds for people to learn by themselves

  • To HR in charge:
    • You don’t need to have all the answers
    • You don’t need to fear to make mistakes
    • You need to put the oxygen mask on yourself first!

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