ORGANIC Agility - Beyond the Mass Production of Agile at Scale!

Talk Title: ORGANIC Agility - Beyond the Mass Production of Agile at Scale!

Date: April 8, 2019

Location: Virtual

Speaker: Giuseppe De Simone

Talk Summary
Prevalent approaches to scaling Agile in organizations react to increasing complexity by mass manufacturing or mass engineering an organization’s design through cascading layers of processes and frameworks.

The talk will highlight the problems/limitations in these approaches. It will then move on to exploring the holistic view of ORGANIC Agility which allows organizations to grow and evolve like a natural thing. An overview of the Cynefin framework will be given together with an overview of the principles of ORGANIC Agility.

The talk will then illustrate two unique tools that are inspired by the principles of ORGANIC Agility, namely agile42 Organizational Scan and Agile Strategy Map.

The Organizational Scan is a tool of immense utility in revealing deeper truths about your decision-making processes, leadership style and organizational culture.

On the other hand, the Agile Strategy Map is a real visual map for guiding an organization’s strategy towards specific targets while highlighting the success factors and dependencies that are relevant to moving in the right direction.

Case studies that demonstrate ORGANIC Agility and its tools in action will be shared near the end of the talk.

Join the webinar if you are involved in, impacted by, or curious about an Agile setting in your organization regardless of its level (and especially if it relates to agility at scale).

Speaker Bio
Giuseppe De Simone is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Team Coach (CTC) who is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations become more productive by embracing Agile values, principles and practices.

Giuseppe is one of very few in the world to be accredited from the Scrum Alliance as an educator of the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) and Path to CSP programs.

Giuseppe operates as Enterprise coach, Agile trainer and Managing Director at agile42 Sweden.

Holding a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Naples, Giuseppe started working as a software developer in 1999, after a year of civil service in a temporary care home for abandoned children and single mothers.

Giuseppe has been working in product development for almost 20 years during which he developed a keen interest in workplace psychology, the human aspects of the working world, and how to go about transforming a group of knowledge workers into an organism capable of delivering products and services that customers love.

Working as an Agile coach and trainer since 2010, Giuseppe had helped several individuals, teams and organizations create purposeful lives and human-centric work environments.

Giuseppe’s primary interests are Agile leadership, change management, software craftsmanship and Agile scaling and coaching.

Giuseppe had spoken about the topics of Agile and leadership at several conferences in Europe and China. His style of coaching and public speaking is heavily influenced by having been a Scout for more than 30 years and a Scout Leader for more than 20.

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