ORGANIC Agility Foundations And Foundations Masterclass

Gothenburg, November 25-26, 2019


November 25-26, 2019


Lindholmen Conference Centre, Lindholmspiren 5, 417 56 Göteborg

Workshop Overview And Benefits

If you work in or with organizations in any role, you know things are always far more complex than they seem. Whether you are a coach, a leader at any level, someone who has to juggle multiple needs, or already an expert in your field, you come across seemingly impossible challenges every day. How do you respond to constant change? How do you adapt to a dynamic and dangerous market? How do you truly change an organization? How do you deal with big ideas like culture and leadership that have immediate effects on your operation? Join agile42 trainers Andrea Tomasini and Giuseppe De Simone to find out more about ORGANIC Agility, a coherent approach to enabling resilience that helps you to move away from impossible plans and methods that don’t work for you, towards an acceptance of complexity and a recognition of how to actually manage change.

Target Audience

Leaders at any level, change agents, transformation managers, trainers and coaches, managers of deliveries of any form (project, program, service, or release), development and operation and security engineers, compliance and quality assurance and human resource personnel.


Andrea Tomasini and Giuseppe De Simone


agile42 with support from Agile Gothenburg


Day 1: ORGANIC Agility Foundations: 4200 SEK (+VAT)

Day 2: ORGANIC Agility Masterclass: 4200 SEK (+VAT)

Completing Day 2 will lead to an ORGANIC Agility Professional certificate which gives you access to ORGANIC Agility tools and its community.

Workshop Curriculum

Day 1: ORGANIC Agility Foundations

During this day there will be space to ask questions and get an introduction to the ORGANIC Agility principles and ways of applying them in your organization. This 1-day training schedule is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1: Understanding the context, the reason for existence, and framework of ORGANIC Agility. In this section, we will go over the real-life challenges a company faces and place them in the context of current market changes. Then, we will talk about protecting an organization against the unpredictable. We will cover the concept of resilience and the role organizational culture plays in achieving it. Finally, we will introduce the ORGANIC Agility framework and the understanding of an organization as a living thing, composed of multiple complex parts and able to change and evolve, as opposed to a mechanical, engineered system. This section will also go briefly over the core principles of ORGANIC Agility.

Part 2: This workshop is not just about creating knowledge, but also about seeing how it works in practice. As a result, the second part of the workshop will consist of an immersive, in-depth simulation that will take you through all of the ORGANIC Agility principles, one by one, and will lead you through developing the capabilities of a model example, so that you will be able to visualize how they could apply to your own organization over time. This experience is designed to offer both the knowledge and the lived example that can help shift mindsets and prepare the ground for the work of growing towards resilience.

Day 2: ORGANIC Agility Foundations Masterclass

If you are a consultant, an internal coach or you are just interested in the science, theories, and patents on which our frameworks are based, the masterclass is the right way to dig deeper. The masterclass can also give you access to an expanded toolset. Through that deep dive, plus practice and training experience, you can reach three different accreditation levels, which enable you to teach your own ORGANIC Agility classes and certify the attendees. It is the first step towards becoming an ORGANIC Agility Professional and part of the ORGANIC Agility network.

It includes a detailed examination of the new ORGANIC Leadership Framework that connects attitudes, behaviors and context to arrive at an understanding of leadership for the complex times we live in, and a closer study of the Cynefin Framework, an award-winning support for decision-making and context awareness that helps leaders take action as well as communicate effectively. 

The Masterclass also looks more closely into organizational culture and understanding what it is and how to measure and change it. 

Connected to that, the second day takes the first step into the assessment of Leadership from an ORGANIC perspective and the practices of active and accelerated learning that our workshops use.

Completing the masterclass day will lead to an ORGANIC Agility Professional certificate.

Trainer Bio

Andrea Tomasini

Andrea Tomasini is one of the founders of agile42. His background includes experience in product development, system architecture, business and strategic analysis, lean coaching, organizational change, and agile leadership. Andrea has trained and coached a diverse range of teams and helped many companies in various industries in implementing agile methods like Scrum. These days, Andrea works primarily as a strategic coach, supporting Agile Leaders in the process of transforming their organization, strategy, and culture to achieve greater agility and resilience. Being an international expert in the area of Agile Leadership, he is currently pioneering data capture and analysis methods in complex organizational structures and working on a book on ORGANIC agility.

Certifications: CTC, CST, CEC, CAL Educator, Path to CSP Educator

Giuseppe De Simone

Giuseppe De Simone is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Team Coach (CTC) who is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations become more productive by embracing Agile values, principles and practices.

Giuseppe is one of very few in the world to be accredited from the Scrum Alliance as an educator of the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) and Path to CSP programs.

Giuseppe operates as Enterprise coach, Agile trainer and Managing Director at agile42 Sweden.

Holding a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Naples, Giuseppe started working as a software developer in 1999, after a year of civil service in a temporary care home for abandoned children and single mothers.

Giuseppe has been working in product development for almost 20 years during which he developed a keen interest in workplace psychology, the human aspects of the working world, and how to go about transforming a group of knowledge workers into an organism capable of delivering products and services that customers love.

Working as an Agile coach and trainer since 2010, Giuseppe had helped several individuals, teams and organizations create purposeful lives and human-centric work environments.

Giuseppe’s primary interests are Agile leadership, change management, software craftsmanship and Agile scaling and coaching.

Giuseppe had spoken about the topics of Agile and leadership at several conferences in Europe and China. His style of coaching and public speaking is heavily influenced by having been a Scout for more than 30 years and a Scout Leader for more than 20.

Certifications: CST, CEC, CAL-E, CTC, Path to CSP Educator


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