Personalizing Product Management Using Personas

Meetup Title: Personalizing Product Management Using Personas

Date: May 13, 2020, 5:00 PM - 7:15 PM

Location: Zoom

Price: Free

Organizers: Agile Gothenburg and Göteborg Continuous Delivery Meetup

Hosts: Zenuity

Speaker: Sari Linder

Facilitators: Anders Bratland, Ana Shontova, Marina Bykova, and Eddy Iciragiye

Meetup Overview and Benefits

The meetup will start with a talk on personas and the clarity they bring to user stories. The benefits of personas in developing and marketing products that meet users’ needs will be explored in depth.

The talk will highlight good practices to consider when creating personas and also bust some myths around them.

A guide for creating persona will be presented and a practical example will be drawn to illustrate the theory.

Following the talk, the participants will be invited to play a persona game during which they will create personas for a certain product and prioritize the features of that product departing from the needs of the user base.

Important Note

This is not a webinar! This is a virtual meetup on Zoom. You will be engaging in a live conversation with people. You can start your camera, speak, and chat with others throughout the meeting. Please download and install Zoom, and help yourself and others by ensuring that you:

  • Have a stable broadband internet connection, at least 10 Mbps download/upload

  • Call from a quiet place

  • Turn your video camera on

  • Use a headset

  • Mute yourself if you are not speaking

Other suggestions you may wish to follow are listed on Collaboration Superpowers.


5:00 PM Welcome and icebreaker
5:10 PM Talk; Personalizing Product Management Using Personas
6:00 PM Questions and discussion
6:10 PM Break
6:20 PM Persona game
6:50 PM Presentation and findings
7:15 PM Close

Intended Audience

Product managers, product owners, product engineers, product marketing professionals, user experience designers, change managers, trainers and coaches.


Personalizing Product Management Using Personas.pdf