Takeaways from Fabiola Eyholzer talk at the Agile People Sweden Conference 2018

Some takeaways from Fabiola Eyholzer talk at the Agile People Sweden Conference 2018.

  • We live in interesting times of more openness for innovation and creativity than ever before; a chance for human resources to reinvent themselves and rethink their interaction with people

  • The fourth digital revolution is changing the social fabric. Example, putting a value to human life when building a self-driving car
  • In the first three revolutions (mechanical, electrical, and internet), HR was there to empower corporations (the process police!)
  • The HR shift is now towards empowering people, tapping into their passion and intrinsic motivations, and enabling the diversity of thought
  • Design thinking and lean and agile aspects, although around for quite a while, are actually new for HR

  • Redefine the term “talent”; everyone is a talent and we only need to create more right places for these talents
  • Hire for potential over experience. Signs of high potential are motivation, curiosity, agility, insight, empathy, and determination

  • Talent mobility is important for scaling culture in an organization
  • Talent mobility should be balanced with talent and team stability (advocated by Agile)
  • The biggest barrier to talent mobility is the compensation model (would I lose compensation if I move from team A to team B?)

  • Best practices are maybe best somewhere else or maybe hindrance of innovation in HR
  • No HR ever got fired for doing performance management, i.e., no one ever got fired for doing something that everyone else in the industry is doing!
  • It would be courageous of HR to realize that high-performing teams are not created by performance management or annual appraisals!
  • HR playbook: think holistically, apply design thinking, instill cultural anchors, iterate and co-create, and gamify HR

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