The Scream guide is out

The first version of the Scream Guide; a comprehensive guide to organizational screaming is out.

Written by Michael Küsters, the Scream Guide is designed for organizations with interest/involvement in cementing the status quo, preserving the existing mindset and creating an illusion about agility.

The Scream Theory has its foundation in obfuscating significant aspects of the process, asymmetrizing information, moving targets by management command and heavily investing in metrics and reports.

A Scream Team appears self-organizing and cross-functional when indeed the entire show is run by the manager.

Various means of abuse among the Scream Master, the Scream Product Owner, the Scream Development Team and the organization are given in the guide.

A Scream Sprint can be canceled at any time by the management with the Scream Product Owner acting as a scapegoat.

Sprints in Scream are planned upfront by the management. No consultation with the Scream Development Team is needed. All the necessary fields in JIRA have to be filled at redundancy before the Scream Sprint starts.

Turn to the guide for additional insight into Scream roles, events and artifacts.

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